Dataddo is very flexible when it comes to connecting to various online data sources. Thanks to our unique and robust data transformation middleware, Dataddo can connect to almost any online service providing it has JSON/CSV/XML-based API (most APIs fall into this category). Should you need to connect Dataddo to a proprietary API, our team is able to develop custom connectors in a couple of weeks.

Although Dataddo has always been designed with a clear focus on providing unprecedented data integration flexibility, we only offer out-of-the-box dedicated no-code interfaces for the most popular platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Ads, and Instagram. In case your desired service is not in the off-the-shelf connectors list, you can always use one of our Universal connectors to access your data.


The definition of a data source synchronization period is flexibly defined using multiple parameters including timezone, minute, hour, day in the week, and day in the month. Combining these parameters, you can easily define the synchronization period ranging from hourly updates. More information is available on the dedicated data synchronization page.

Storing data

When a data synchronization is executed, the content of the data source is updated with the fresh data. The newly extracted data can either be completely replaced or appended to the existing data set. More information on these options is available on the dedicated pages.

Supported services

Dataddo supports many popular services with off-the-shelf data connectors. Operating these connectors is fairly easy and does not require any technical knowledge. In case you don't see your desired connector on the list, it can still be connected using one of the Universal connectors

Check the list of all connectors you can connect in Dataddo.