Data Blending

Merge two data sources to one destination, to have a more versatile data flow

To blend data, first, turn on the data blending mode.

Choose two data sources to blend them together.

Now you'll need to select a Left Source Column and a Right Source Column of the same type, in order to join the two sources together. You can also exclude a column from the final result by clicking on it.

You can select the type of joining for the data sources.

  • Left Join returns records from the left column source and those records that satisfy a condition from the right column source. In this example, CurrencyCode.
  • Inner Join returns records which values are only matching in both column sources.

You can have more than one operation. Simply click on Add Operation to have another JOIN connection. (Optional)

Finally, you can choose a destination where you want us to move the dataset. Name the data flow, and press on Configuration.

Feel free to contact us or create a ticket if you need assistance with data blending