Data destinations

When it comes to delivering data to various data destinations, Dataddo supports both "pull" delivery (data destination requests the data from the Dataddo platform) and "push" (Dataddo platform injects the data to data destination).

"Pull" data delivery

Data delivery using the "pull" method is utilized mainly for dashboarding or business intelligence applications such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, or QlikView.


For this type of data delivery, Dataddo provides a real-time API interface returning the desired dataset upon each request. For further details, navigate to the Dashboarding apps section of our documentation.

"Push" data delivery

Data delivery using the "push" method is used for integrations with various data storage technologies and services such as Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, SQL Server, MySQL or SFTP.

Similarly to Data synchronization, push-type data delivery is a scheduled operation, so the frequency of the push operation is configured to occur at a specified minute, hour, or day. More information is available in the Data storages section.