Data Destinations

Dataddo can deliver your data to any location and easily connect various data warehouse such as Google Big Query, SQL databases, AWS Redshift or configure the integration between your data sources and your favorite dashboard apps.

Once you open Dataddo you will find in the top, among others, one tab for your destinations.

main screen

In this tab, you will only find the data warehouses destinations, not the dashboarding destinations. You will be able to create a new data warehouse here by clicking on the "New destination" button.

new destination button

And here you will see a window with all the available data warehouses.

warehouses available

Once you have configured your warehouse, you can connect them with your favorite dash-boarding apps if desired.  Alternatively, Dataddo allows you to send your data directly to these dashboarding applications but this configuration is made directly in the flow instead of this section.

When you are configuring the flow if you click on the "Add Destination" button you can find all of the available dashboarding apps. 

add destination button


dashboarding apps

The main difference between the data warehouses and the dashboarding destinations is that the data warehouses have been designed to store large volumes of data and generally, they allow for more flexibility when storing this data.