Any Analytics Data to Your Dashboarding Tool
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Any Analytics Data to Your Dashboarding Tool

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The Problem

Today, many companies are increasingly data-driven. This technological revolution has a positive impact on business operations as valuable business insight is more readily available. As with other game-changing technologies, challenges and issues come along with the transition.

  • Inside each organization, several departments such as sales, marketing, finance or HR may all be utilizing various analytics tools.
  • Using multiple independent analytics tools or platforms to create silos within an organization with specific analytics needs can cause significant friction in organizational communications.
  • The apparent solution is to create a centralised reporting/analytics department with centralised dashboarding app; however current solutions often lack connectors to all of the online services that organizations require.
  • Moreover, the in-house development of data connectors for a specific BI tool is often ineffective and costly.

Dataddo Solution

  • Dataddo can create a bridge between almost any online service (provide it has an API) and chosen dashboarding/BI software.
  • Connectors to various dashboarding apps including Google Data Studio, Tableau or Klipfolio are available off-the-shelf.
  • Dataddo is a no-code platform, therefore the integrations between various analytics services and data warehouses can be managed even by non-technical people.


Dataddo fully faciliates data extraction and storage. Our clients are provided with a real-time API interface that will provide the data on request. Authentication happens via a static Bearer token.

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