Any Analytics Data to Your Data Warehouse
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Any Analytics Data to Your Data Warehouse

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Data Problem

The technological opportunities of becoming a data-driven company have a positive impact on business operations as valuable business insight is more readily available. As with other game-changing technologies, challenges and issues come along with the transition.

  • Inside each organization, several departments such as sales, marketing, finance, or HR may all be utilizing various analytics tools.
  • Using multiple independent analytics tools or platforms to create silos within an organization with specific analytics needs can cause significant friction in organizational communications.
  • The apparent solution is to create a centralized reporting/analytics department with a centralized data warehouse; however current data warehousing solutions do not provide necessary connectors to all required services.
  • Moreover, the in-house development of data connectors to a specific data warehouse is ineffective and costly.

Dataddo Solution

  • Dataddo can create a bridge between almost any online service (provided it has an API) and your data warehouse.
  • At the moment, connectors to various data warehousing solutions including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, or even your on-premise deployed SQL-based DWH are available off-the-shelf.
  • Dataddo is a no-code platform, therefore the integrations between various analytics services and data warehouses can be managed even by non-technical users.


Direct data insertion to your DWH

The Dataddo platform can fully facilitate all data handling operations from extraction to final delivery to your data warehouse in the form of a direct database insert query.

This approarch usually requires minimum work on the client's side, usually consisting only of DB schema definition (Dataddo even provides copy&paste scripts for easy setup).

File exchange

Dataddo fully facilitates all of the data handling operations from extraction to final delivery in the form of files uploaded to the given destination. The destination could be FTP/SFTP or file storage solutions like AWS S3 or Google Drive.

This approach is utilized by clients who do not want to allow direct access to external connections or in situations where the chosen data-warehousing technology does not allow such a thing. For additional security, it is possible to use OpenPGP file encryption.

API integration

Dataddo fully facilitates data extraction and storage. Our clients are provided with a real-time API interface that can be configured to provide data upon request. Authentication is conducted via a static Bearer token.

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