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Dataddo offers unparalleled flexibility for connecting to a diverse range of data sources, going well beyond traditional API-based services like Salesforce, Google Analytics 4, and Hubspot. Thanks to our robust data transformation middleware, Dataddo can seamlessly interface with virtually any data source. This includes not only JSON/CSV/XML-based APIs but also databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery, and object storage solutions like AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage. For more specialized requirements, you have two options; you can utilize one of our Universal Connectors to easily link up with custom APIs or databases, or our engineering team can develop a tailor-made connector for you within a matter of weeks.

Types of Connectors

Universal Connectors

Universal Connectors are code-only connectors designed for granular, low-level interaction with a wide range of data systems. Examples include JSON, XML, CSV, and Webhook connectors for HTTP APIs, as well as database connectors like MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server. These connectors offer extensive customization capabilities, making them an adaptable and flexible solution for various data integration needs.

Fixed-Schema Connectors

Fixed-Schema Connectors provide a quick and straightforward setup, offering a pre-defined list of schemas such as invoices or customers. Examples of these are Mailchimp, ExactOnline, and Google Search Console. While they limit customization options, these no-code connectors excel in standard use-cases and are ideal for those seeking a hassle-free approach to data integration.

Custom-Schema Connectors

Custom-Schema Connectors enable dynamic schema definitions, tailored to work seamlessly with services that often involve custom attributes. Examples include Hubspot, Google Analytics 4, Salesforce, and Facebook Ads. These connectors offer a specialized solution for your unique business needs, providing a tailored approach to data integration.

How to Request a New Connector

If you find that a connector for your desired service isn't available, you can easily request its development by completing this form. To expedite the process, kindly furnish us with detailed information. Upon submitting a new connector request, there's a strong likelihood that our engineering team can develop it within a few business weeks.

When requesting a new connector, please provide us with a list of

  • The specific API endpoints of the service that you'd like to access, or
  • The type of data you'd like to access.

Our typical connector development timeline is around 4 weeks, although this can vary based on the current volume of requests. For customized connector solutions, please reach out to your account representative or contact our solutions team at

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