Custom Integration via HTTP
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Custom Integration via HTTP

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Dataddo provides a standard HTTP-based REST API that can output data in either JSON or CSV.

The connection string representing either a cURL or HTTP call is available in the connection guide. The API method is fairly simple as each Integration flow has a distinct ID parameter supplied in the URL.

An authorization token is auto-generated.

curl --header ""Authorization: Bearer {TOKEN}""{ID}?type=json

When a JSON format is requested, the data is provided in the attribute data as an array of arrays. Besides the dataset itself, dataset header information is provided in attribute header and data types are provided in attribute type.

    ""data"": \[  
        \[""(direct) \\/ (none)"",42,71\],  
        \["" \\/ referral"",5,15\],  
        \[""google \\/ organic"",124,144\],  
        \["" \\/ referral"",1,1\]  

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