Dashboarding Apps
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Dashboarding Apps

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Dataddo supports direct data delivery to dashboarding apps such as Tableau, PowerBI or Google Data Studio, without the need of provisioning the data warehouse or database.

Do I need datawarehouse or database for sending the data to dashboards?

No. For cases of sending the data directly to the dashboarding applications (like Tableau, Google Data Studio or PowerBI) you do not need to provision datawarehouse, database or any other external storage. Dataddo provided embedded SmartCache storage that allow long-term persistance of the data.

Are there limits on the amount of data?

If the amount of your data grows, the dashboarding app can run slow, and in some cases, you might not be able to use the dashboarding app for such big amounts without prior additional data processing. As a rule of thumb, if you need to work with more 100K rows per source, it is a good time to consider placing an external storage to your architecture.

How many flows is needed to run a dashboard

In general terms, each flow outputs the data in the form of a single "table". If you are running an e-commerce and you need to create a dashboard based on the list of your Customer and Orders, where each represent a single "table" (materialized as Source in Dataddo), you will need two flows. If the data in those two tables can be joined together (e.g. having a common pairing key) you can utilize a Data Blending feature and you will need only one flow outputting data as a single table.

Where is the data stored?

When using dashboarding apps as a destination, your data are stored on our servers (for your convenience so you do not need to provision a datawarehouse or database). Dataddo allows you to select the location where your data will be physically located. We currectly support up to 16 global locations. You can set your data storage location by navigating to Account Details and setting Data Residency.

Can historical data be collected?

At the level of each Source you can define how the data will be collected. We call this Snapshotting. We support both Append and Replace mechanism for collecting the data.

How is the data secured?

Thousands of organizations, from startups to industry leaders, entrust Dataddo. We take this responsibility seriously, and are dedicated to making every effort to protect customer data, including continually improving security processes and controls, as well as upholding transparency with regards to data usage. In addition, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of standards conformance and regulatory compliance as part of our ongoing mission to address the most demanding security and privacy requirements of our customers. Please check our Technical & Organizational Security Measures for more details.

Data encryption at rest

Encryption for data at rest is automated using encrypted storage volumes. Users can bring their own encryption keys for an additional level of control.

Data encryption in flight

All network traffic (when sending data to dashboards and other apps) is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

What is Snapshotting?

A snapshot represents a data footprint of a system or service at a particular point in time. More information can be found here:

Yes. Go to Sources and click on three dots right next to the source you want to edit. Click on the Snapshopping tab and edit the fields accordingly. More information about snapshotting is here.

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