Data Quality Watcher
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Data Quality Watcher

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Article Summary

Data Quality Watcher is a feature available for data flows with a dashboarding app (e.g. Looker Studio, PowerBI, or Tableau) as a data destination.

It monitors the data to help prevent inaccuracies and errors, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the data being transferred. By scrutinizing and validating data before it reaches its intended destination, the Data Watcher provides mechanisms to alert you in case of discrepancies or issues. The data will be checked for data anomalies, null, or zero values that were caused by:

  • Incomplete data,
  • Corrupted data, and/or
  • Improperly formatted source data.

Core Concepts - Data Quality Watcher

Key Features

  1. Data Checks: Perform checks on null values, zero values, and anomalies. For more details on this process, refer to the deep dive on data quality features.
  2. Column-level Business Rules: Configure and apply specific rules for each column. Column-level granularity allows for precise control, ensuring that only data meeting specific criteria is accepted for transfer.
  3. Email Notifications: If the data don't meet the established column-specific business rules, the data transfer will proceed, but the user will receive an email notification detailing the error and the affected column..

Configure Data Quality Watcher

  1. In the Flows tab, click on your flow to edit it or create a new flow.
  2. Navigate to the Data Quality Rules tab and click on Add Rule.
  3. Select for which columns you want to check null/zero/anomaly values.
  4. Select Email notifications to be alerted whenever an error is found.
  5. Test your rules before Saving the flow.

Data Quality Watcher - Set up

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