Data Union
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Data Union

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Data union allows you to add datasets from multiple sources to a single data flow.


When creating your sources, make sure they have the exact same schemas, meaning the same

  • Number of columns
  • Column names
  • Data types

How to Add More Sources to One Data Flow

  1. Navigate to the Flows page and click on Create Flow in the top right corner.

  2. Click on Connect Your Data and select the first source.

  3. Hover over the newly added source for the menu to show and click on Combine.
    Data Flows - Click on Combine

  4. Select Data Union and add as many sources as needed. Click on Save Source in the top right corner.
    Data Flows - Celect Data Combination Method

  5. Add your destination, finish configuring your flow, and click on Save Flow.


Maximum Amount of Sources

In Dataddo, it is possible to union up to 100 sources. If you need to union more sources, it will be necessary to create multiple flows.

Different Data Types

To check the data types of your source, click on the three dots, select Edit and navigate to the Data Types tab.

If the data types don’t match (like in this example), you can change the data type of each column easily in the Dataddo app.

Source 1Data type
Column AFloat
Column BInteger
Source 2Data type
Column AInteger --> change to Float
Column BInteger

Data Sources - change data type

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