Error Reporting Best Practice
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Error Reporting Best Practice

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If you are facing some difficulties that need to be fixed, speed the process up by providing us with as much information as possible.

We suggest to provide us screenshots of the error and the steps you took, including the developer view. Right-click in the browser > Inspect > tab Console.

You can also record your screen, for example using one of these free and simple screen recording tools, Loom or Awesome Screenshots.

Basic Information (Required)


User name / e-mail / Customer ID


Problem with existing source / flow / destination / authorizer

  • Name / Object ID
  • Error notification information

What were you doing when the problem occurred?

When did the problem occur

For example, during the creation of a source, loading historical data, debugging, authorizing, etc.

Error message

You can find the error message in the notification center in the top right corner of the app

Problem with a connector / creating a source

  • Connector name
  • Dataset name
  • Configuration
    • Account name / Customer ID that you selected
    • All the metrics / dimensions, reporting level, etc.
    • Optional settings
    • Date range, synchronization setup, etc.

Problem adding destination

  • Destination name
  • Error message

Problem creating flow

  • Which source (name, source ID) & which destination
  • Configuration of the destination

Advanced Information (Optional)

  • Error logs when you try to test
  • When did the source/flow stop working?
  • Was there any change made to your account recently?

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