Forgotten Password
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Forgotten Password

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Need to change your password?

If you want to change your password, follow the instructions in the Change or reset your password article.

What to do if you forget your password

  1. Click on Forgot password? to request a new one.

  2. Enter your account email and click on Reset password. A link will be sent to your email.
    Acount Management - Password forgotten - step 2

  3. Go to Properties on the left navigation panel. Check the box for Error notifications.
    Acount Management - notifications

  4. Go to your email inbox and open the email from Dataddo. Click on Reset my password.
    Acount Management - Password forgotten - step 4

  5. Enter your new password and confirm. Make sure your new password meets our minimum requirements.
    Acount Management - Password forgotten - step 5

  6. Once the message confirming the change of your password shows up, click on Continue to sign in with the new password.

Congratulations, you can now use the Dataddo app again with your new password!

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