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What is the Free plan and for how long can I use it?

The Free plan is an entry-level plan for businesses with basic data integration needs and can be used for an unlimited period of time. Once your business outgrows the Free plan, you can easily migrate to one of our paid plans, no reconfiguration necessary.

What is the difference between the Free plan and the paid plans?

Under our Free plan, you can

Support can be obtained from our Slack community or found in our documentation. Data warehouses are not supported as destinations under the Free plan.

For more detailed comparison, see pricing.

Will the selection of connectors be limited under the Free plan?

No, you can use any of the available source connectors without limitations.

How many flows can I have?

You can have up to 3 data flows. However, please keep in mind that only dashboarding apps and Google Sheets are supported as destinations under the Free plan.

How many sources can I create under the Free plan?

You can create up to 10 sources and connect them to up to 3 data flows. In case you need more flows or other destinations, consider one of Dataddo's paid plans.

What is a data source?

A data source is essentially a table of data. For example, your ecommerce platform is Shopify and you want to use our Shopify connector to extract data about orders, customers, and products. Each of these "categories" would count as one table of data, i.e. one data source.

Is there any limit to the amount of data I can connect?

No, although you can create up to 3 data flows using up to 10 data sources, the amount of data you can connect within these sources is unlimited.

However, be aware that sending large volumes of data directly to dashboards can cause the dashboard to break and require reconfiguration.

Can I connect to a data warehouse?

No, dashboarding apps and Google Sheets are the only destinations provided under the Free plan.

How often can data be automatically synchronized?

The Free plan lets you sync your data once a week. If you need to sync your data more frequently, please consider upgrading to a paid plan.

What is snapshotting?

Snapshotting, in other words, is data synchronization frequency. Under the Free plan, the highest frequency you can choose is weekly data sync.

Can I access historical data?

Yes, when setting up a flow for the first time, you can load historical data via a one-time, ad hoc request in the Dataddo app.

Where will my data be stored?

Data extracted using Dataddo is stored on Dataddo’s servers, which are managed by Amazon Web Services. We have data residency locations all over the world, so you can choose where your data is stored by navigating to your Account Details in the Dataddo app.

What kind of support can I get under the Free plan?

The best places to find support are our documentation and our Slack community.

Do I need to submit credit card information to activate the Free plan?

No credit card information is required for you to activate your Free account.

Can I invite my colleagues to my Free plan Dataddo account?

No, the usage of the Free plan is limited to one account per organization or individual.

Can I make use of the multi-account extraction (MAE) feature with my Free plan?

No, the Free plan does not support the use of MAE. To use MAE, consider upgrading to a paid plan plan.

If I sign up for the Free plan, how easy is it to upgrade to Data to Dashboards or Data Anywhere?

Very easy! You can manage your plan type via the Subscription section of the Dataddo app.

When upgrading plans, you won’t lose any data or configurations that were set up under the Free plan.

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