Data Flows
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Data Flows

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Data flows allow you to orchestrate the integration of your data from various online services to your desired destinations including

Combining Data

Dataddo allows you to combine your data in two ways and include them all in one flow. This can be especially useful for organizations that need to merge data from different services for a consolidated output.

  • Data union - add multiple datasets with the same schemas from different sources
  • Data blending - merge two datasets using a join key


Changing Write Mode

When editing your flow, you can change the write mode for your destination. However, changing the write mode can cause data discrepancies.

Only proceed if you are sure how this will affect your data.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Redshift, Vertica

When creating a flow to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Redshift, or Vertica, the structure of the table to which the data is inserted is determined.

If you select UPSERT write mode, then "Indexing" will be used for that table in the database. Other write modes do not create indexes. If the flow is created with a different write mode, changing the write mode to UPSERT later will not work for the table.

Data Flows FAQ

For troubleshooting tips, please navigate to our Data Flows FAQ.

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