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What is data sync period?

Data sync period represents the fastest period possible period when your data are automatically synchronized.

What does exclusion of PII data mean?

Unlike other ETL platforms, you can choose the specific type of data you want to extract. Easily unselect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during the source creation process.

What are customizable data sets?

Because of the way some 3rd party services structure their APIs, some of our connectors have predefined datasets. In the majority of cases, you can change the metrics and dimensions in Dataddo which means that the datasets are fully customizable to your needs.

If you are missing some metrics or datasets, let us know and we can create them for you.

What is multiplexing?

Multiplexing is used to work around the data extraction limitations set by some APIs. For large data volumes, multiplexing allows Dataddo to make multiple simultaneous requests to retrieve all necessary data at once.

Multiplexing use case

Google Analytics API only allows 10,000 rows per query but you need to extract 14,000 rows. Dataddo automatically configures 2 separate calls in order to extract all of your data.

What are user accounts per company?

This refers to the number of users who can manage a company account within Dataddo.

What is priority in connector roadmap?

Our implementation team is constantly adding new connectors for various services. Priority in connector roadmap gives you the ability to suggest new connectors to be added to our roadmap. We look to our users to inspire future development and our two-week dev cycle means new connectors are added all the time!

Need assistance?

Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the setup. To speed the process of resolving your issue, make sure you provide us with sufficient information.

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