How to Connect Google Data Studio
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How to Connect Google Data Studio

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  • You already have a Google account.
  • You already created at least one Source.

Creating a New Data Flow to Google Data Studio

In Dataddo

  1. Click on Flows at the top of the page and proceed with Create Flow in the top right corner .
  2. Click on Add Source and choose the source you'd like to include in the flow. You can type the source or connector's name into the search bar to find it faster. You can add more sources or blend two sources in the same flow. Read more about Data Blending here.
  3. Once you select your data source, click on Add Destination, followed by navigating to Dashboarding Apps and selecting Google Data Studio.
  4. You can Name your flow by typing the name into the top.
  5. You can see a Data Preview to make sure of your configuration.
  6. Click on Save flow.

Vertica- Flow 4

In Google Data Studio

  1. After saving flow in Dataddo, the configuration window will appear. If not, or you already closed it, click on the three dots next to the flow and choose Config.
  2. Follow the instruction and click on the Google Data Studio connector link and copy&paste Dataddo API Key. You will only need to supply the key once. If you already did so, you will not be asked again.
  3. After supplying the key, you might be asked to allow additional permissions that are specific for Google Data Studio. You will only see this if you did not used Google Data Studio previously in your account. The permissions that needs to be allowed are the following: email, profile, openid and script.external_request.
  4. All available flows will be automatically populated in the select box, so select the flow that you just created.
  5. You can then click on Connect in the top right corner and your data is sent to Google Data Studio. You can close the Configure dashboard window in Dataddo and you are all set.
  6. Click on Save.

Adding additional data sources to existing Data Studio dashboard

In Dataddo

  1. Configure data flows to all sources that you need to display in Google Data Studio dashboard. See Creating a New Data Flow to Google Data Studio.

In Google Data Studio

  1. In the dashboard edit mode click on "Resource" in the top navigation bar and follow with "Manage added data sources".
  2. Click on "Add a Data source" and in the connector list search and select "Dataddo".
  3. All your Flows are already pre-loaded in the select box, so select the one, you want to be included and click on "Add".
  4. A good practice is to uniquely label the data sources in Google DataStudio, so you can easily navigate amonst them.

Editing already added data sources

Dataddo allows you to easily modify the already added data source (e.g. add or remove the metric or dimension) in a Google Data Studio dashboard.

In Dataddo

  1. Find the Flow that provides the data to your dashboard and click on "Edit".
  2. You have the complete freedom to assing a different source, add additional one or use the data blending.
  3. Check the "Data preview" to ensure that new flow is working.

In Google Data Studio

Data model change

Dataddo is using column name as an identifier, so make sure that all metrics and dimensions you are actively using in your dashboard are present in the Flow.

  1. In the dashboard edit mode click on "Resource" in the top navigation bar and follow with "Manage added data sources".
  2. Click on "Edit" followed by "Refresh Fields" in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You will see the preview of the changes in the data model.
  3. Save the changes and proceed to your dashboard.

Limitation & Troubleshooting

Limit of Data Records

When sending your data to Google Data Studio, be aware that there is a limit to how much data the Data Studio API can connect at once. If you see an in Data Studio, it usually means that you have too much data in the source you are trying to connect and the connection timeouts due to the size.
You can see how much data is in the source by looking at the source in Dataddo. Click** Data Preview** (three dots next to the source under Sources) and the total number of records is shown in the top left. If there are more than 100k records, you reached the limit for Google Data Studio.

The Solution:

  1. You can either limit the amount of data (it is possible the amount is this huge because of incorrect snapshotting settings);
  2. Or, connect the data to a data warehouse instead and then connect your warehouse to Google Data Studio. One option is to use Google Big Query.

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