How to Reauthorize a Service
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How to Reauthorize a Service

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Why Do You Need to Reauthorize?

Reauthorization of your account is needed when you change your account's password, when the token expires, or when another error occurs. In most cases, when your source or destination breaks, reauthorizing your account can fix the issue.

How to Reauthorize Account?

  1. Click on Authorizers at the top of the page to see the list of your authorizes.

    Acount Management - Re-authorization - step 1 new

  2. You can see what services are Broken and need to be reauthorized. Click on the three dots on the right to the service and select on Reauthorize. Here, it is also possible to Edit or Test your service.

Acount Management - Re-authorization - step 2 new

It is also possible to reauthorize your account while creating a data source or destination.


For LinkedIn, re-authorization is required every year.

Need assistance?

Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the setup. To speed the process of resolving your issue, make sure you provide us with sufficient information.

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