Metadata Inclusion
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Metadata Inclusion

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To facilitate data management and provide richer context, you can opt to append various metadata fields to your data model. These metadata fields offer valuable insights and tools to streamline the handling and interpretation of your datasets, ensuring you're always in full control of your data.

Metadata Fields

Dataddo Extraction Timestamp

Adding the Dataddo Extraction Timestamp to your dataset can help you:

  • Determine when a specific piece of data was fetched.
  • Assess the freshness of your data.

Timestamps is also essential for tracking Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) as they ensure precise documentation and analysis of any historical changes in data attributes.

Add the Dataddo Extraction Timestamp during source creation. Simply add the field to your other metrics and attributes.
Data Transformation - Extraction timestamp

Dataddo Hash

The Dataddo Hash generates a unique hash value based on dimensions within the dataset. This metadata field provides a key for recognizing data uniqueness and can help you with:

  • Ensuring data consistency.
  • Preventing redundancy.

This feature is invaluable in situations where upsert write mode is used. You can directly utilize the Dataddo Hash to ensure efficient and accurate data updates and don't have to worry about which columns to include in a composite key.

Include the Dataddo Hash during source creation, under Advanced Settings. The hash can then be used when creating your flow and selecting upsert as your write mode.

Data Transformation - Dataddo Hash

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