Multi-Account Extraction FAQ
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Multi-Account Extraction FAQ

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What is multi-account extraction (MAE)?

If you have, for example, multiple Facebook accounts, Dataddo can extract data from all of them at once. Contact us to set multi-account extraction up for you or to find out whether this operation is possible for the platform of your choice.

Which connectors support multi-account extraction?

Currently, Dataddo supports multi-account extraction for:

How does multi-account extraction work?

Firstly, make sure you have administrator permissions or higher in all of your accounts. After you configure your source, we will enable MAE for you.

The metrics and attributes you selected when configuring your source will be applied to all the accounts you manage. Make sure to select an attribute to be able to tell the data apart such as account name/ID or page name/ID.

Can I select only some accounts for multi-account extraction?

Yes, you can choose all of your accounts or only a selected few. In your request to enable MAE, please let us know which accounts you wish to extract data from.

How many accounts can I select for multi-account extraction? Are there any extra charges?

MAE is included in the plans and you will not be charged extra for it.

PlanNumber of Accounts
Data to DashboardsUp to 10 accounts
Data AnywhereUp to 30 accounts

However, depending on the amount of data your accounts have, more than one MAE might be necessary.

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