Multi-Account Extraction FAQ
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Multi-Account Extraction FAQ

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What is multi-account extraction?

If you manage multiple accounts for some applications, e.g. Facebook, you can get many ads accounts connected to the Facebook account, or for the Dataddo Facebook Page connector, we can extract data from many pages connected to your Facebook account. For more information, contact us.

Which connectors support multi-account extraction?

Currently, Dataddo supports multi-account extraction for:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Page

  • Facebook Post

  • Facebook Video

  • Facebook Leads

  • Facebook Graph (more info will be added later, but in theory, it is possible)

  • Google Analytics

  • GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

  • Google Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Instagram Media

  • Instagram Story

  • Instagram User/Business

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Snapchat

  • TikTok

  • Xero

How does multi-account extraction work?

The user must have admin access over the various accounts (Google Services, FB, etc.). First, configure one source with all of the metrics you need. We can then enable MAE for you and the same query will be applied to all managed accounts, retrieving the data from all of them.

How many accounts can I select for multi-account extraction?

It depends on the amount of data the accounts have. In case of a large amount of data, more extractions are recommended.

Is multi-account extraction charged extra? How much is it?

  • Standard Plan - you can extract from up to 10 accounts.
  • Business Plan - unlimited number of accounts.

Can I select only some accounts for multi-account extraction?

Yes. It is up to you if you choose all of your accounts or only a few. When requesting multiple account extraction, let us know, which accounts you wish to extract data from.

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