How to Connect Panoply
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How to Connect Panoply

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About Panoply

Panoply is a cloud database solution for Managed ELT and Cloud Data Warehouse.


  • Panoply account
  • Project and database created in Panoply

How to Connect Panoply

I. Get JSON file from your Panoply account

  1. Log into your Panoply account.

  2. Go to the BI Connection section and click on Send your service account JSON file to your email.
    Panoply - Get JSON file in Panoply

  3. Go to your email and download the JSON file.

II. Add a new certificate and connect a new service

  1. Sign in to your Dataddo account and click on Certificates & Tokens at the top right corner of the page. 
    Panoply - Add Certificate 1

  2. Click on Add Certificate.
    Panoply - Add Certificate 2

  3. Select the Name of the certificate, chose RSA Private Key type, upload the JSON file and Save.
    Panoply - Add Certificate 3

  4. On the left navigation panel, go to Connected Services.

  5. Click on Add Service and choose Panoply from the list, or type the name into the search bar.
    Panoply - Add Service 1

III. Connect a Destination

  1. Click on Create Destination in the top right corner of the Dataddo app.

  2. From the list of destinations, choose Panoply. You can type the name of the connector into the search bar to find it faster.
    Data destinations - selection

  3. Choose your Panoply account.
    Panoply - Add destination - account

  4. Fill out the fields to give Dataddo all the necessary information to connect your data, and click on Save
    Panoply - Add destination - configure

Create a New Data Flow

  1. Click on Flows at the top of the page.

  2. Click on Create Flow in the top right corner.

  3. Click on Add Source to connect it to the destination. You can type the connector's name into the search bar to find it faster.
    My Flows - New Flow

  4. Once you select your data source, click on Add Destination.

  5. From the list of destinations, select the destination. You can also type the name into the search bar.

  6. Configure the destination by filling out necessary fields.
    Panoply - New flow
    NOTE: Remember to set the synchronization time for the flow with a little delay after the synchronization of your source to let the data load.

  7. You can Name your flow by typing the name into the top.

  8. You can see a Data Preview to make sure of your configuration.
    Flow - preview

  9. Click on Save flow.

How to Configure the Data Flow

All set, no further action is needed to configure the flow. The data will be regularly outputted to Google Sheets.

Congratulations, your new Data Destination & Flow are ready!

Need assistance?

Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the setup. To speed the process of resolving your issue, make sure you provide us with sufficient information.

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