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Article Summary

Data to Dashboards

Data to Dashboards allows sending data from various SaaS apps (see Data Sources) directly to dasboarding apps without the need of having an external data storage (e.g. database or data warehouse). Free plan is available for this product.

Data Anywhere

Data Anywhere allows any-to-any integration between broad range services, systems, databases, APIs, and storages (see Data Sources and Data Destinations). Data Anywhere supports various data integration patterns such as ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, database duplication or event streaming.

Headless Data Integration

Dataddo Headless Data Integration allows all features of the platform to be accessed and controlled via API for large-scale deployments or OEM usage (as part of another product).

Integration Matrix

Data to DashboardsData to AnywhereHeadless Data Integration
SaaS → Dashboarding AppAvailableAvailableAvailable
SaaS → Database (ETL)-AvailableAvailable
Database → Database (database Replication)-AvailableAvailable
Database → SaaS (Reverse ETL)-AvailableAvailable

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