References and Troubleshooting
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References and Troubleshooting

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On this page, you will find a list of articles that provide detailed insights into specific features and configurations.

User Roles: Enumerates system-defined roles, outlining their specific permissions and technical capabilities.
Setting Date Range: Details standardized expressions utilized to define date ranges.

Transformation Pipeline

Transformation Pipeline Stages: Offers a detailed overview of each data transformation stage.
Transformation Pipeline Expressions: Offers an in-depth explanation of transformation pipelined expression and their functions.

Transformation Pipeline Practical Examples: Provides a number of practical examples of transformation pipeline scripts that you can try out.


Error Reporting Best Practice: Describes the standard methodology for documenting and relaying system errors.
Troubleshooting: Lists system error messages accompanied by technical resolutions.
Schema Troubleshooting: Details specific errors associated with schema discrepancies and their technical implications.
Extraction Logs: Catalogs log messages, detailing their technical significance within data extraction processes.

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