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On this page, we present a curated list of our essential resources.

Core Concepts: Explore the core concepts in Dataddo, such as data source, data destination, or data flow.

Data Sources

Types of Connectors: Dive into the various connectors Dataddo offers. Learn about universal connectors, fixed-schema connectors, and custom-schema connectors.
Transformation Pipeline: Explore what a transformation pipeline is and learn about what it's composed of.

Data Destinations

Dashboarding Apps: A Technical Overview: Discover how Dataddo facilitates direct data connections to dashboarding apps and the role of SmartCache.
Data Storages: A Technical Overview: Understand the mechanisms behind connecting data to data storages and the different write modes available.
Applications: A Technical Overview: Learn about the intricacies of connecting data to business applications.

Data Flows

Data Transformations: Learn how your data is prepared for immediate analysis with data transformations on the extraction level and flow level.
Data Quality: Discover our data quality features and how they can help you manage your data more effectively.

Data Security

Compliance Standards: Understand how Dataddo's practices align with these critical compliance standards to protect customer data and meet legal requirements and navigate through the complexities of regulatory frameworks of SOC, GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, CCPA, LGPD, and POPIA.

Networking and Privacy: Explore the intricacies of secure networking with Secure Data Transfer with SSH Tunnelling in Dataddo and Network Access Control List (ACL) Configuration. Learn how to safeguard data transmission over networks and implement effective privacy measures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

IAM and Credentials Security Practices: Discover Dataddo's Identity and Access Management (IAM) model. Create a Dataddo account using credendials, a Single Sign-On (SSO), or adopt Enterprise IAM. Understand how Dataddo handles your credentials to third-party services in Securing Credentials.


Dataddo Status Page: Learn more about the Dataddo Status Page, which is designed to provide information on the operational status of Dataddo.
Data Duplication: Understanding and Resolving Common Issues: Delve into potential reasons behind data duplication issues.
Data Sampling: Uncovering Meaningful Information in Large Datasets: Understand the significance of data sampling and its impact on your data.
Slack Community and Code of Conduct: Join our Slack community for support and collaborative discussions.

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