Reverse ETL
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Reverse ETL

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Dataddo provides integration capability between various data storages such as cloud data warehouses (e.g. Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Redshift, Azure Synapse, Firebolt...) and on-prem and hosted databases (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, SQL Server, MongoDB) and business apps (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce, Netsuite, Zoho CRM). This capability is known as Reverse ETL or Data Activation.


  • Your organization wants to enrich the data in operational systems (e.g. CRMs, ERPs) using the data available in your data warehouse.
  • Your operational business system does not support "rich" business logic (e.g. your CRM does not support calculation of customer's LTV using your logic), therefore the calculation is processed in data warehouse (typically offering a rich transformation capability) and the results is send back to the operational system where is available to your staff.
  • Some of your business system needs "feedback" data for betten functionality. For example, your are using adveritising platform and you need to send there more granual data to improve its functionality.

Benefits of using Dataddo

  • All data pipelines are proactively monitored and centraly maintained, minimizing the risk of outages and data quality issues.
  • Dataddo is a no-code platform, therefore the integrations can be managed even by non-technical users.
  • Regardless the composition of your data stack, whether you are using cloud data-warehouse, on-prem database, data lake or lakehouse pattern Dataddo will adjust to you.
  • In case of any breakdowns of your data pipelines you will be automatically notified through your preferred channel.
  • Automatic data quality checks for your pipelines detecting anomalies, zero values or null values.
  • Dataddo is SOC 2 Type II certified and compliant with all major security and privacy standards.

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