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Article Summary

Snapshot is the product of a connector representing the data footprint of a system or service at a particular point in time.

Snapshot vs. Source

A source is a dynamic collection of snapshots. The final dataset within a source depends on its configuration (see Snapshotting frequency and Snapshot retention).
Data Source - snapshotting

How Does It Work?

When a source is created, there are four essential areas of the configuration:

  • Data in the snapshot: depends on the connector, however, in general, you choose both metrics and attributes as well as the sync period
  • Historical data: some connectors allow the extraction historical data by selecting the specific or dynamic date range of the data you wish to extract
  • Snapshotting frequency.: how often Dataddo will take your snapshots
  • Snapshot retention.: how to deal with the existing data in source whenever a new snapshot is taken

Edit Snapshotting

Edit snapshotting for your data source anytime after creating a source. Snapshotting of a flow can be also edited directly in the flow configuration.


When editing the snapshotting settings of your source, take into consideration the snapshotting configuration of your flow and vice versa.

Flow synchronization should be set after the source synchronization time to make sure there will be enough time for the data to be loaded properly.

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