User Roles
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User Roles

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Roles description


As a Dataddo User, users can perform basic operations such as provisioning connectors and authorizing services. Provisioning connectors involves setting up connections to data sources and configuring the data extraction process. This allows users to extract data from various sources, including social media, e-commerce platforms, and other data sources.


The Admin role includes all the functions of the Dataddo User role, such as provisioning connectors, authorizing services, creating and managing data pipelines, setting up alerts, and monitoring data quality. However, the Admin role also includes the ability to manage and invite new users to the platform.

As an Admin, users have access to the user management section of the Dataddo platform, which allows them to invite new users to the platform, manage user roles and permissions, and deactivate or delete user accounts. This is an essential function for companies that have multiple users who need to collaborate on data integration projects. By having an Admin who can manage user accounts, companies can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data, and that data privacy and security are maintained.


The Authorizer role in the Dataddo platform is a specific user role that allows users to authorize connections to data sources and destinations. This role is designed for users who have specific responsibilities related to data authorization and need access to the platform to fulfill those responsibilities.

As an Authorizer, users can authorize connections to data sources and destinations, which involves granting permission for the Dataddo platform to access data from external sources or send data to external destinations. This is an important function because it ensures that data is being accessed and used only by authorized parties, maintaining data privacy and security.

Role matrix

Following matrix description the sections to which a given roles has an access to. The access typically allows full CRUD operations (Create / Read / Update / Delete) unless set differently.

Admin User Authorizer
Authorized services YES YES YES
Sources YES YES ---
Destinations YES YES ---
Flows YES YES ---
Users and roles YES --- ---
Billing YES --- ---
Account setup YES --- ---

Assigning a user role

Please proceed to the dedicated article How to Assign Team Roles.

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