User Roles Overview
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User Roles Overview

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Role Matrix

Access PermissionOwnerUserAuthorizer
Authorized servicesYESYESYES
Users and rolesYES------
Billing informationYES------
Account settingsYES------

The access typically allows full CRUD operations (Create / Read / Update / Delete) unless specified otherwise.

Roles Description


Owner role can access and edit all functions available in Dataddo. Owners can

  • Provision connectors, aka set up connections to data sources and configuring the data extraction process
  • Authorize services
  • Create and manage data pipelines
  • Set up alerts and notifications
  • Monitor data quality
  • Manage users, which includes
    • Inviting new users to the platform
    • Managing user roles and permissions
    • Deactivating or deleting user accounts

Access to the user management section of the Dataddo platform is an essential function for companies that have multiple users who collaborate on data integration projects. By having a role which can manage user accounts, companies can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data so that data privacy and security is maintained.


Users can perform basic operations like:

  • Provisioning connectors
  • Authorizing services

Provisioning connectors allows users to extract data from various sources, including social media, e-commerce platforms, and other data sources.


Authorizers can add new connections to data sources and destinations, which involves granting Dataddo the permission to access data from external sources or send data to external destinations. With this role, companies can ensure that data is being accessed and used only by authorized parties, maintaining data privacy and security.

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