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Vertica is a columnar analytics database management system designed for high-speed data analysis and storage. It excels at handling large volumes of data and executing complex queries quickly, making it suitable for businesses and organizations that require rapid and efficient data processing for analytical insights.


  • You have a running Vertica database.

Authorize Connection to Vertica

  1. In the Authorizers tab, click on Authorize New Service and select Vertica.
  2. You will be asked to fill the following fields
    1. Server IP or Hostname: Public IP or hostname of your Vertica Server.
    2. Database: Name of the database you will use for writing or reading the data.
    3. Username: Database username.
    4. Password. Database password.
    5. Port: Port to connect to SQL Server. The default value is 5433.
  3. [Optional] Configure the connection via SSH tunnel. To do so, please follow these steps.
  4. Click on Save.

Create a New Vertica Destination

  1. On the Destinations page, click on the Create Destination button and select the destination from the list.
  2. Select your authorizer from the drop-down menu.
  3. Name your destination and click on Save.
Need to authorize another connection?

Click on Add new Account in drop-down menu during authorizer selection and follow the on-screen prompts. You can also go to the Authorizers tab and click on Add New Service.

Create a Flow to Vertica

  1. Navigate to Flows and click on Create Flow.
  2. Click on Connect Your Data to add your source(s).
  3. Click on Connect Your Data Destination to add the destination.
  4. Choose the write mode and fill in the other required information.
  5. Check the Data Preview to see if your configuration is correct.
  6. Name your flow and click on Create Flow to finish the setup.

Table Naming Convention

When naming your table, please make sure the table name:

  • Starts with an upper-case letter
  • Contains only:
    • Letters
    • Numbers
    • Underscores
    • Dashes
    • Non-Latin characters

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