Why is My Source Broken?
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Why is My Source Broken?

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There are many reasons behind a broken source. Here are the most common ones:

No Data

If you are trying to connect or synchonize data from your source and you do not have any data (for example daily synchronization of Google ads when you do not have any ad that day), your source will break.

  1. Go to Sources and click on the three dots next to the broken source.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Under Basic Info, at the bottom check the box Allow Empty.
  4. Save.
    Google Analytics - allow empty

Need to Re-Authorize Service

If your login authorization expires it can break the connection. You need to re-authorize the service.

API Issues

Sometimes, the service can have problems with their API. In this case please wait until the problem is fixed on their side. In case there is more into the problem, we will notify you and send you more detailed instructions.

Inssuficient Roles

Make sure you have sufficient account roles to be able to access the data.

Read more about fixing broken sources here.

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