XML Universal Connector
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XML Universal Connector

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Pull data using XML with Dataddo.

About XML Universal Connector

JSON Universal Connector allows you to connect your data from any service that provides XML-base API. You just need the URL and transformational pipeline.

Read more about Universal Connectors and more detail on how to configure them here.

How to Create New Source with XML Universal Connector

  1. Sign in to your Dataddo account and click on Sources at the top of the page.

  2. Click on Create Source in the top right corner.

  3. From the list of sources, choose XML Universal. You can type the name of the connector into the search bar to find it faster.
    Data sources - choose connectors

  4. Insert the API URL and set up all the fields as needed: HTTP Method,  Authorization, Snapshotting, Name, Transformation Pipeline, HTTP Headers, HTTP Body, and optionally Source whose configuration you want to Clone.
    NOTE: Read more about Universal Connectors and more detail on how to configure them here.
    Universal Connectors - overview

  5. Click on Schedule to set up the synchronization time and period, when your data will be pulled.

  6. You can preview a sample of the data by entering the array (square brackets [ ] ) symbols in the Transformation Pipeline section.

  7. Check the box Split view if you want to see Request and Response Previews next to each other. 
    Universal Connectors - preview

    1. You can test your transformation and see a preview table of it by clicking on Get Data.
    2. If you need to start over, select Reset form (click on the arrow next to the blue button in the top right corner).
  8. Click on Create a Source (click on the arrow next to the blue Get Data button in the top right corner) to save your selection.

Need assistance?

Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the setup. To speed the process of your ticket is resolved, make sure you provide us with sufficient information.

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