Setting Date Range

When setting up a new source, for connectors with time-dependent data, you can pick a date range. Understanding the meaning of this date range is essential for correct functioning of your source.

The main thing is that the date range field is not designed for us to specify the period of historical data that we would like to load when creating a new source. The date range specifies the snapshot's date range, i.e. whenever a new snapshot is taken, Dataddo will load data from the time period specified by date range. This might be the last couple of days, last month, last year or your own specific date range. If we want to load historical data as well, we can do this simply by following the appropriate documentation just after creating the source.


Let's say we want to connect Facebook Ads to MySQL (or any other data storage). We want to get data from Facebook Ads weekly and have them sent to MySQL right away. This means that whenever a snapshot is taken, it should fetch data for the last 7 days. Therefore, when creating the source, we have to set date range to Last 7 days and the snapshotting frequency (i.e. automatic data synchronization period) to Weekly.

Similarly, if we wanted to load data daily, we would set date range to Yesterday and snapshotting frequency to Daily, and if monthly, we would use Last month and Monthly.