Facebook Post Insights

Dataddo Facebook Post Insights connector enables simple API data extraction without writing a single line of code.


When authorizing access, make sure that the user has correct permissions. To access the Post Insights data, the user has to have assigned ANALYST permission to a given Facebook Page. Please check the official documentation for further details: https://www.facebook.com/help/289207354498410

Available Metrics

Dataddo can extract all the metrics provided via an official API. The full list is available here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/insights

Lifetime values only

It is important to mention that only lifetime values of the metrics are available due to the limitations of Facebook Insights API. Therefore, you are only provided with the total aggregated value of the given metric to the date. E.g. on 1st January the total views of the post were 1000, on 2nd January the total views of the post were 1053 and so on. You will not be provided with the daily (weekly, monthly) "deltas".

Overcoming "lifetime values only" issue with Dataddo

Set the snapshot taking frequency to "daily". This will secure that each day you will gradually build a time series for each metric. You can add the "insert date" attribute in the connector configuration that adds an additional timestamp, indicating the date to which the value of the metric is fixed.

Configuration of the data flow

Dashboarding app as a destination

If you are interested in seeing the most recent values of the metrics only, set "Snapshot keeping policy" param in the source configuration to "Latest snapshot". In case you want to see the full time-series consisting of the daily snapshots, set "Snapshot keeping policy" to "All snapshots" and make sure to include "Insert date" data attribute when setting the connector.

Database (DWH, Fileserver) as a destination

Set "Snapshot keeping policy" to "Latest snapshot". Make sure to include the "Insert date" data attribute when setting the connector, this will secure that in your database (DWH, fileserver) data from each snapshot will have a unique timestamp.


Facebook Insights API has a hard limit of 100 posts that can be extracted. Dataddo supports automatic pagination, so more than 100 posts can be extracted.

Multi-account extraction

Dataddo Facebook Post Insights connector supports automatic extraction of all the posts from all the available Facebook Pages. This feature is particularly useful when you have (e.g. being an on-line agency) multiple accounts and need to automatically extract the same metrics and dimensions across them.