Google Analytics

Dataddo Google Analytics connector enables simple data extraction without writing a single line of code.

Available metrics and dimensions

Dataddo Google Analytics connector supports all the fields available in the official API. Full list available here:

Combining metrics and dimensions

Not all the available metrics and dimensions can be combined together. If the chosen combination is not possible, it will result in the connector error. Please proceed to the following link to check the mutual compatibility of the chosen metrics and dimensions:


Google Analytics API has a data extraction limit of 10 000 rows for a single request. Dataddo connector features automatic pagination, so the data extraction is distributed into multiple calls, so the extraction limit can be effectively increased to 250 000 rows.

Multi-account extraction

Dataddo Google Analytics connector supports automatic extraction from all the available Google Analytics accounts. This feature is particularly useful when you have (e.g. being an on-line agency) multiple accounts and need to automatically extract the same metrics and dimensions across them.