How to connect Google Data Studio

Here we are going to explain how to connect Google Data Studio and have your data sent there.

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Getting your data to Google Data Studio is an easy task with Dataddo.

First, you need to create a Data Flow. You can do this either by navigating to Sources, picking the Source that you want to use and clicking on Add to flow

2. Creating flow form source

OR by navigating to Data Flows

1. Data flow buttonand clicking on New flow

3. Data Flows Page

and adding the required source by clicking on Add Source.

4. Adding Source for Flow

Next, you click on Add Destination. 

6. Selecting Destination

From the list of Business Intelligence and Dashboarding Applications choose Google Data Studio. 

1. Selecting Google StudioYou can name your flow and save it. 

2. Naming Destination

Lastly, you will see Configure dashboard window with instructions on how to connect. You need to authorize the connector by clicking on the link and filling in the Dataddo API Key and Dataddo API Endpoint ID.


You can then click on Connect in the top right corner and your data are sent to Google Data Studio. You can close the Configure dashboard window in Dataddo and you are all set.


Congratulation! You have connected to Google Data Studio!