Linkedin Ads

Dataddo Linkedin Ads connector enables simple API data extraction without writing a single line of code.


When authorizing access, make sure that the user has correct permissions. To access the account analytics data, the user has to have assigned ADMINISTRATOR permission. However, the best practice is to create a dedicated system user. Please check the following official documentation for further details:

Available Metrics

Dataddo can extract all the metrics provided via an official API. The full list is available here:


Linkedin Ads API has a hard limit for the total number of rows that can be extracted. Dataddo supports automatic pagination, so the data extraction is in-fact distributed into multiple rows.

Multi-account extraction

Dataddo Linkedin Ads connector supports automatic extraction from all the available Linkedin Ads accounts. This feature is particularly useful when you have (e.g. being an on-line agency) multiple accounts and need to automatically extract the same metrics and dimensions across them.