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Step #1

Choose a data source

To integrate data with Power BI, you'll need to create a new data source or choose from one of the existing.


OPTION #1: You can click on Add to flow and you will be redirected to the Data flows window as seen in step #2 below.


OPTION #2: You can also create a flow by navigating to Data Flows, clicking on New flow and selecting the source that you want.

3. Data Flows Page

4. Adding Source for Flow

5. Choosing Source for flow

Step #2

Choose Power BI as the destination

Now you need to select the destination by clicking on Add Destination and choosing Power BI from the list of data destinations, then name the data flow.

1. Selecting Power Bi

2. Naming PowerBi Flow

Step #3

Configure connection in Power BI

Once the destination is chosen, the system will generate URL and HTTP parameters to connect with Power BI. Click on the Power Bi Section to see them.

Power BI Dataddo Configuration DashboardThen on your Power BI home page. Click on Get Data From Another Source.

Power Bi Home Page Now, you can search and navigate to the Web source to insert the URL and HTTP parameters from Dataddo, and use the Advanced option.

PowerBi setting up the dataOnce there, copy the URL Parts from Dataddo and paste in the PowerBI

Now, go the HTTP request section and type the value Authorization

Type AuthorizationCopy the authorization code from our application and paste it in the second column of the HTTP AuthorizationPaste Bearer code

Once you click on OK, a preview of the data will appear. If everything looks correct, then you can finalize the configuration by clicking on the LoadData Preview in PowerBi

And that is it.

Comma-Separated Values lining Issue

If your data are not showing properly in your PowerBi table, this could be caused because of the formatting of the CSV file that is sent to your Power Bi for Dataddo. To fix this issue, you need to edit your source in PowerBi by clicking on the gear icon next to the Source step. 

Comma Seperated Values Screenshot

Change the Line breaks setting to "Ignore Quoted Line Breaks".

This should resolve the issue. 

Additional Information

Sharing your report and data set with coworkers via Power BI online service

If you want to share your report and all the underlying data sets with your coworkers using the Power BI online service, you can simply do that by sharing your report.

Next, you will need to schedule an automatic refresh so that your coworkers have the correct and newest data. This can be done either in the My workspace window,


or by clicking on Schedule refresh on the left side of the Power BI website.


At first, you will get an error message stating that the credentials are invalid. You need to go to the Datasets' settings page and in Data source credentials click on Edit credentials.


You can keep all the fields as they are, but you need to select Skip test connection. We want Power BI to skip this test as this is causing the problem.


Once this is done, we can click on Sign in and set up the scheduled refresh in the Scheduled refresh part as wanted. The next refresh will work without any problem.