Snapshot is a product of Connector representing the data footprint of a system or service at a particular point in time. 

Snapshot vs. Source

The source is a dynamic collection of Snapshots. The final dataset within a Source depends on its configuration (see Snapshotting frequency and Snapshot retention).

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How does it work?

When a Source is created through Connector, there are four essential areas of the configuration:

  • Data to be included in the snapshot. This differs upon every connector, but in general, you are usually choosing metrics and other attributes as well as the time interval of the data.
  • Some connectors have the ability to extract historical data. This can be set by selecting the Date Range period you want to extract data from the filter.
  • How often should snapshots be taken, i.e. Snapshotting frequency?
  • How to deal with the existing data in Source when a new snapshot is taken, i.e. Snapshot retention