How to connect Tableau

Bring any data to Tableau

Step #1

Choose a data source

To integrate data with Tableau, you'll need to create a new data source or choose from one of the existing.


Step #2

Choose Tableau as the destination

Now add the source to your Data flow by clicking on "Add to flow" and selecting the destination.



Choose from the list of data destinations.Tableau3

Step #3

Configure Web Data Connector in Tableau

Once the destination is chosen, the system will generate URL and API keys to connect with Tableau.


Open Tableau and create a new connection using Dataddo Web Data Connector and paste the URL to address bar.

Using Tableau Bridge

According to Tableau's official documentation, only Web Data Connectors with a standard username and password authorization is supported for the automatic sync via Tableau Bridge. This, however, does not comply with our extensive security policy (using OAuth mechanism), therefore you have to use one of the following workarounds to archive data refresh:

  1. Use the Tableau Desktop Refresh From Source command, or run a manual refresh from Tableau Desktop.
  2. Use intermediate data storage that can Tableau Bridge directly connects to (e.g. Google Sheets, BigQuery, or MySQL).
  3. Use Tableau Server and whitelist Dataddo WDC.

Using Tableau Server

You might be experiencing error "Unknown Failure (status Code = 11000 Web data connector is not whitelisted)" when refreshing Web Data Connector via Tableau Web Server. To address this issue, please add Dataddo WDC to your safe list and secondary safe list. To add a connector to the safe list and secondary safe list, use the tsm data-access web-data-connectors add command, providing the name, safe list URL, and secondary safe list URLs. You can also manage WDCs using the web-data-connector-settings Entity. After running this command, you need to apply your pending changes using the tsm pending-changes apply command. A prompt will warn you that the command will restart the Tableau Server. If Tableau Server is currently running it will be restarted, and if it is stopped it will be left in a stopped state with no restart.

tsm data-access web-data-connectors add --name "DATADDO WDC" --url --secondary*)

Find more details on Tableau official documentation.