Our Teapplix connector enables simple API data extraction without writing a single line of code.


In this article, we are going to walk you through Dataddo's Teapplix connector and the data integration it provides. First, we are going to give you an overview of the integration, then we are going to go through creating a data source, next we will move to how to create a data flow that connects data from a source to a destination, and finally, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions and issues you might encounter.

Teapplix data integration

Dataddo's Teapplix connector can extract all the data available through the official Teapplix API and connect them to a dashboarding or BI app such as Power BI, Google Data Studio or Klipfolio, or a data warehouse such as MySQL, Big Query and many more. The data are separated into different datasets and the full list of available API endpoints can be found in the official Teapplix API documentation. You can set up an automatic synchronization to have your data pulled from Teapplix hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly giving you almost real-time access to all the data you need.

Combine type

When you are creating a source with your orders, you can select the combine type. The possible values are:

    All 'non cancelled' orders. If 2 orders are combined into 1, the combined result order will be in the report, the original order will not.
    All 'non cancelled' orders. If 2 orders are combined into 1, the original order will be in the report, the combined result will not be
  • ALL
    All orders, including combined results, cancelled orders, etc, will be in the result.

Potential Issues and how to troubleshoot them  

  • Are no data available?


Do not worry, this is a common issue that occurs to some users. Quick ways to fix this issue,

  1. Your account might not have any records for the dates you specified. Try changing the date range to a different date or a longer period (last 30 days, this year) to obtain data.
  2. You could have made a slight mistake when configuring your account, but it's ok. You can restart the process of configuration again and check the connector configuration. You can also try to use a different account or a different combination of metrics.
  • Did something go wrong?


If you get the 'Something went wrong' message, please make sure that your account has sufficient permissions and the configuration looks correct. If the issue still persists, please contact us or create a ticket and we will address it as soon as possible

  • How to deactivate Dataddo account?

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 14.52.22

Check whether your account has the correct permissions to access this API endpoint. If yes, check whether your account is correctly authorized in Dataddo by navigating to Settings > Connected accounts. If your account is OK, click on Test. If your account is broken, click on Re-authorize.

  • How to deactivate Dataddo account?

If you no longer want to use your Dataddo account, please contact us and we will deactivate it for you.

  • Unable to put more sources into one flow?

When creating a data flow, you can select more than one source. This is only possible if the number and type of columns are the same. Please make sure that the columns are indeed the same or navigate to our guide for more information.

  • Unable to delete a source?

If you are unable to delete a source - the bin icon is light grey and cannot be clicked on, this is because the source is being used in at least one data flow. You will first need to delete all the data flows that are using the source and then you will be able to delete the source.