Twitter Ads

Our Twitter Ads connector enables simple API data extraction without writing a single line of code.

Automatic Data Synchronization

Our Twitter Ads connector gives you the ability to sync your data automatically in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly increments.

Available Endpoints

All available endpoints from the Twitter Ads API are listed here:

List of Metrics

For more information on all the available metrics that twitter offers, click here:

Creating a Twitter Ads Data Source

To create a Twitter Ads data source, navigate to Sources at the top left of the Dataddo app and click on New Source.


From the list of connectors, choose the Twitter Ads connector. You will be redirected into the Twitter Ads connector where you can select the required Dataset.


Please note that you can use the Search for Dataset function to search for dataset in names, as well as in attributes. This way you can browse through all the possible attributes and metrics for each dataset.

If your required attribute is not included in the list, feel free to contact us or create a ticket, and we will add it for free (if possible).

Once you select a Dataset, you can start with the configuration by clicking on Start Configuration in the top right corner.


If you have more connected accounts, you are asked to choose the account you want to use in order to configure the connection.


Then, please label your source and select the date range. You are also given an overview of your selected metrics and attributes. You may unselect any unwanted attributes.


Lastly, you configure your snapshotting preferences, choosing Snapshotting frequency and Snapshotting retention.


Please click on the Preview button in the top right corner.

Preview of your data source

Data Preview gives an overview of the collected data. You can check that all the attributes are there and using the buttons in the top right corner, you can either Save and Exit or Save & Create Flow.