About Dataddo
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About Dataddo

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Dataddo is a cloud-based, no-code any-to-any data integration platform. Dataddo allows you to send data from any source (i.e. SaaS application, database, api, file...) to any destination (i.e. on-prem database, dashboard, data lake, data warehouse, file storage, SaaS application). Dataddo's fully managed data pipelines offer ubeatable uptime.

What Does 'Dataddo' Mean?

'Dataddo' (pronunciation [dā'tədu]) is a portmanteau word that blends 'data' and 'Addo', a word from Latin meaning, add, insert, bring/attach to.

Key Features

Connectors, Extractors, and Writers

  • Fully managed data pipelines with proactive monitoring and highest uptime
  • One of the broadest portfolio of out-of-the-box no-code connectors to
  • Fully managed API and other interface changes by Dataddo team
  • Any-to-any integration (ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, data streaming) supporting data transfers in both directions
    • Example: SaaS application can be used as source for extraction, so the data can be delivered to the database (i.e. ETL, ELT) and at the same to be used as a destination to receive the data extracted from the database (i.e. reverse ETL).
  • Ubeatable time-to-new-connector as upon request, new connector can be added in two weeks
  • Automatic data quality checks
    • Avoiding data duplicates
    • Anomalist data detection
    • Detection of time series gaps
  • Supporting batch data transfers, webhooks and real-time streaming (batch data sync interval up to 1 minute)
  • In-built retry and circuit-break functionality greatly improving the overall data quality
  • Generic JSON, CSV and XML connectors allowing to connect any API
  • Direct connections with popular dashboarding apps, such as Power BI, Tableau, and Looker Studio, without the need for a data warehouse

Management and UI

  • Single point of management for all your data pipelines
  • Fully no-code interface designed for business users
  • Test features allowing data discovery during the connector configuration process
  • No-code data blending and transformations
  • Multi-user and Multi-tenant architecture
  • Full operational logs
  • Exclusion of PII data
  • Interface for connection debugging and troubleshooting
  • 16 data residency and processing locations


  • API-first architecture
  • 100% feature coverage by API
  • Authorization using JWT Tokens

For more information see Dataddo API.


  • SSO with Google and Microsoft
  • Custom SSO via SAML
  • MFA
  • Full operational logs
  • Automatic data encryption
  • SOC2, ISO 27001, and GDPR compliance

For more information see Security and Compliance.

Basic Components

Data Sources

A source represents a connection to any 3rd party from which the data are extracted such as

For more information see Data Sources.

Data Destinations

A destination represents an endpoint where the data from sources is delivered to. A destination can be

For more information see Data Destinations.

Data Flows

Data flows are the central part of the Dataddo system which orchestrates all the integrations. You can easily configure the data flow to connect your data source to your storage solution or dashboarding tool.

For more information see Data Flows.

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