How to Connect a Data Destination
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How to Connect a Data Destination

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Article Summary

In this step of our quickstart tutorial, we will guide you through connecting a data destination. If your destination is a dashboarding app, you can skip to the next step, How to Create a Data Flow, right away!

  1. Choose a data warehouse if you need to store large volumes of data and need a lot of flexibility.
  2. You can also send activated data back to the source application.

Prerequisite: Permissions

Before starting, make sure that

  • Your account or user has sufficient permissions to create new items, view items, change items, add new entries, and remove entries.
    • These permissions are usually called create, select, update, insert, and delete.
  • Dataddo IPs are whitelisted and the destination accepts incoming connection from Dataddo.

Create a Data Destination

  1. On the Destinations page, click on Create Destination and select your destination.
  2. Select your account or fill out all the required fields (for more information, see our destination specific how-to guides).
  3. Save and congratulations, your data destination is ready!

For destinations that require OAuth (Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, HubSpot as a Destination) you need to first authorize an account.

Click on Add new account at the bottom of the drop-down and follow the authorization procedure.

Next Step

Finally, you can now create a data flow!

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