Data Storages
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Data Storages

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Dataddo supports data delivery to various data storage technologies inluding SQL server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, AWS Redshift, Google Big Query or even SFTP.

Adding a New External Data Storage

New data storage can be added by navigating to Destinations and clicking on Create New destination. Similar to Data Sources, all databases or dashboard apps connected without any issue are marked with a GREEN badge. Also available is timestamp information about the last usage.

Read more about how to connect a destination here.


for some destinations such as Google Sheets, you will first need to connect your Google Sheets account and then you can add a new destination following the steps above. You can connect your account by navigating to Your Profile --> Connected accounts and clicking on Add service in the top right corner.

Acount Management - Add service

Testing and Debugging

Each of the connected services and storage can be tested by clicking on Test connection. A detailed connection log is available.

Supported Services and Storages

Dataddo supports the following storage platforms with off-the-shelf data writers.

Check the list of all destinations you can connect with Dataddo.

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